8 Things to Look For When Choosing Bail Bondsman in Adams County

8 Things to Look For When Choosing Bail Bondsman in Adams County

Running into trouble with the law does not mean you have to stay in jail until the court gives its final ruling. You can get out of jail by hiring a bonding agent for Adams County bail bonds. He/she can pay the bail for a fee, and you can be with your family as you prepare for your case.

However, not all bail bondsmen are the same. There are some qualities and requirements that you need to check before you hire an Adams County bail bondsman.


Bail bond or surety bond is a form of insurance that guarantees that the bail bondsman will pay for the bail amount in full if the arrestee/detainee fails to follow bail stipulations.  The Colorado Division of Insurance is tasked to regulate the bail bond industry through licensing and registration to ensure consumer safety. A licensed bail bondsman is obligated to observe ethical practice and has accountability when he/she violates bail bond laws.  

Our agents are bonded and insured. You should always ask for his/her license before you proceed to make a deal. You are still welcome to cross-check our bonding agent’s name in the Division of Insurance to verify his/her license.

Experience with Adams County Bail Bonds

Between an inexperienced agent and a veteran Adams County bail bondsman, you have more security and peace of mind with the latter. An experienced bonding agent has a multitude of legal resources that can help you get express bail bonds.  

Supporting our 40 years in the industry, our agents have more than 10 years of experience in providing Adams County bail bonds.  

Knowledge of Court Proceedings

Your bail bonding agent must and should have sound knowledge of more than just Adams County bail bonds. He/she should also know the ins and outs of both the court and jail system. In providing bail bonding service, an Adams bail bondsman is not required to be a legal expert. However, since he/she will be your guide while you’re out on bail, your bail bondsman should be familiar about criminal offenses and correlate them with your bail stipulations.

24/7 Availability for Bail Bond Service

Problems can happen at any time. There’s no telling when you will get arrested, or what time an emergency will happen when you’re on your way to court. If you cannot contact the bail bonding agent when it’s midnight, no matter how good his/her reviews are, look for another one. Getting arrested is not something everyone prepares for. However, you need someone who is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a 24-hour bail bonding company, PDQ is dedicated to providing uninterrupted service to our clients. Our lines are always open, and you can expect someone to take your call even if it’s a weekend or a holiday. We’ll be the one to prepare for your unfortunate circumstance, so you don’t have to worry about the stress of posting bail by yourself.

Courtesy and Respect

You’re paying for a service, not a piece of paper. During the negotiation process, the Adams bondsman should speak to you in a calm, respectful manner. He/she should do his/her best to connect with you, know the details of your situation, and not judge you because of your circumstance.

We train our staff to place value on customer experience. Our goal is to help you understand your case and not let your emotions affect your decision in getting Adams County bail bonds. We keep your details under strict confidence and will do whatever it takes to protect your privacy.  


The major reason why you are talking with an Adams County bail bondsman is that you cannot afford to pay the bail amount. A bail bonding agent should have flexible payment options that can support your bail needs without compromising your financial security.

Our agents accept cash and credit card payments. Let us know about your situation and our local bail bondsman will see if arrangements can be made for your payment plan.


Every single payment should be written in black and white. Keep in mind that the state regulates bail bonds in Adams County. You pay 10 percent bail bonds as premium for large bonds, and 15 percent premium for small bonds. The premium is non-refundable and is payment for the bonding agent’s service. Every payment you give should be issued a receipt.


A contract binds you and the bonding agent to commit to the bail bond agreement. This should be presented to you and clearly explained before the agent accepts your payment. Never agree and pay for the services of an Adams County bail bondsman without signing a contract.

PDQ Bail Bonds strive to provide the best Adams County bail bond service for those who need to get out of jail fast. By hiring our bail bondsman, you have someone to help you post bail even if you cannot afford it. He/she will also give you support so that you can follow your bail stipulations without any problems. Contact us now at (303) 778-0026.

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