How To Protect And Care For Your iPhone X Cell Phone

iPhone X is one of the most expensive cell phones ever launched by Apple. The new iPhone X is a very beautiful device, with its all-glass design – but is yet very prone to scratch and damage. Mobile experts have claimed that the iPhone X is one of the most delicate smartphones. So, if you’re planning to buy one or have already purchased one, you should know how to protect and care for your iPhone X cell phone.
Cell clinic is here with some useful tips on how to protect & keep your iPhone X safe from harm.

5 Tips To Protect And Care For Your iPhone X Cell Phone

#1 Put Your iPhone X In A Case

Of course, your iPhone X has got a beautiful glass design that you want to show off to everyone, but there is no doubt that you should make sure to keep it in a case. A case can exponentially reduce the impact and damage when you might accidentally drop your phone. Some iPhone cases feature “drop and dust protection,” and that can make your iPhone X more resistant than usual. Though these cases are more costly as compared to a more basic one, they are worth the extra expense.

Yes a case may reduce wireless charging speeds. But it’s much more important to keep your expensive iPhone X safe, and you can remove the case when charging your phone if you find the charging speed is too heavily affected by the case.

#2  Put A Screen Protector On Your iPhone X

Another way to protect and care for your iPhone X cell phone is by using a screen guard. Fact is, no matter how careful you are and how carefully you handle your iPhone X, you may still eventually drop your phone. So, to minimize any possible screen damage, we suggest that you use screen protection on your iPhone X.

The transparent tempured glass screen protector won’t affect the beauty of your phone, but a direct and sharp hit could possibly crack it. But the idea is to crack the tempered glass first rather than your much more expensive iPhone X screen glass. A high-quality screen protector might cost you more but will offer you great device display protection.

Cell Clinic offers high quality tempured glass options – but the recommended option to consider is their Liquid Glass nano-coating that comes with 1-year screen replacement insurance. If for any reason your front screen should crack or break after the Liquid Glass coating has been applied and the insurance registered, you can stop by a Cell Clinic location in Vancouver or Surrey, BC, and they will replace the front glass of your iPhone X for free.

#3 Care For The Battery

#4 Get A Grip Accessory

Grip accessories are made to help an iPhone X user to maintain a good grip on their phone when holding it. These phone grips effectively reduce the chances of an accidental drop. Go to Amazon and search for best phone grip accessories for iPhone X. You will find more than a many of them to choose from. You can also get a free ‘popsocket’ phone grip at Cell Clinic, while supplies last.

#5 Buy An Extended Insurance Plan From Apple

The final thing that we suggest is to buy an extended insurance plan from Apple to safeguard your iPhone X. You might find it expensive as you will pay around $199 to purchase an AppleCare+ policy for your iPhone X. The insurance includes up to two accidental damages and is valid for two years.

Apart from buying an AppleCare+ policy, you can also search for other cell phone insurance plan options online. No matter what you decide, an insurance plan will always cost you less than an expensive screen replacement.

And there is also the option of the Liquid Glass screen protection with 1-year screen replacement insurance offered by Cell Clinic (see above).

Hopefully this guide to iPhone X care has been helpful to showcase some of the great options to help you protect your phone. Visit a Cell Clinic location today to purchase an iPhone X phone with a 6-month warranty, or to select from a variety of phone protection options.

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